Tips on Enjoying your Vacation in Jamaica

Islanders, Visitors and Friends, Jamaica is beautiful and you should take the opportunity to enjoy it.

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Lovers Leap- St. Elizabeth

I have seen the sun rising  from this beautiful place in Jamaica.

The experience left me in awe as I couldn’t fathom just how the sun could just gently tilt its head over the glistening waters and sit on the horizon.

I wrote the following account at 6 am, on February 17, 2001 while at the Ocean View Bible Camp.

“The stillness of the night is no more. The freshness of the morning breeze is evident as I watch the sun come up over the horizon.

The morning air and atmosphere is hard to describe as I stand on the hill top watching the sun perching its head over the horizon.

The sun sits on the horizon and its reflection brightens the sea as the birds flutter their wings in the cool morning mist. Its amazing to see the stillness of the sea and to watch the sun rise above the horizon. ‘Its beautiful!”

The mountains are not far away and not many houses are in sight, no clusters, just freedom. This tranquility is only interrupted by the soothing sea breeze. No hustling , no bustling , no horns, it feels as though there is no pollution in the air. ”

Lovers Leap, St. Elizabeth.

Rio Grande – The Original Jamaican Rafting Experience

Rafting states that

 rafting is a recreational activity utilizing a raft to navigate a river or other body of water.

This activity is quite popular in Jamaica and you can experience it too.

Ask about the Rio Grande experience in Port Antonio, Jamaica (1876-993-2778)

Interesting Places to Take the Family

 Jamaican Attractions


AquaSol Theme Park

Anancy Fun Park

Dolphin Cove




A family

A family-



Jamaican Food


 Jerk Photo

Cod fish Fritters

Bread Fruit Chips / Fried Bread Fruit

Peppered Shrimp

Solomon Gundy

Fish Tea

Saturday Beef Soup

Red Peas Soup

Green Gungo Peas Soup

Mannish Water

Rice and Peas

Escoveitched Fish and Bammy

Mackerel Rundown / Dip and Fall Back& Boiled Dumpling and Green Bananas

Jerk Chicken

Fricasseed Chicken

Curried Chicken

Jerk Pork

Cow Foot

Good Old- Stew Peas, Served with white rice

Stew Tripe and Broad Beans

Curried Goat

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Jamaica’s Botanical Gardens





– Castleton
     – Cinchona botanical grdn.
Hope Gardens
    – Clydesdale Forest Park
    – Hopewell Forest Park
    – National Heroes Park
    – St. William Grant Park
    – Claude Stuart Park
    – Seville Heritage Park
    – Nelson Mandela Park
    – Wynter’s Park
    – Serenity Park
    – Independence Park


EMANCIPATION PARK- freedom to hope, to excel and to be

Be sure to take your husband, wife or significant other to visit the Emancipation Park. This will ensure that you continue to light the sparks which engulfs a healthy relationship.

You can even choose to unwind after a hectic day at work  while listening to the sound of the water gushing from the fountain.

See you there.fountain-2.jpg